Yuriy Menkov

Yuriy Menkov has been a senior frontend team leader since 2017 for three blockchain startups including Waves Protocol. He was previously a senior frontend developer on web apps and developed in C/C++ for six years.

Yuriy graduated with a degree in computer systems automation and networks from National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute). He enjoys fitness challenges and cooking Borscht soup dishes at home.

Upcoming Plans

  • Monthly Deliverables: 2021 Oct
    • BTC bridge launch
    • BTC bridge enhancements, vault & validator incentives
    • Crosschain NFT launch in Horizon
  • Quarterly Milestones: 2021 Q4
    • Full Security & Recovery for 1Wallet
    • BTC Bridge support, testing, audit fixes, & deployment
    • Horizon monitoring system, sustanable validator incentives, automated support/resolution mechanisms
  • Yearly Planning: 2022 Q1 - Q3
    • Technical integration support for other bridges like cosmos, solana, polygon
    • Technical support for partner integrations

Achievements in 2021 Q2-Q3

  • One Names
    • Subdomain register contracts & statistic services (crazy.one)
    • One names contracts & frontend
  • Explorer v2: launch support, verification service (back, front)
  • Horizon Bridge
    • Extended sdk to v2 & hackathon support
    • New features, external validators, operations support
  • OneBtc Bridge
    • Vault client, Dashboard backend, Relayer client
    • JS SDK, Frontend base version
    • Deploy ecosystem, contracts features & tests

Weekly updates