Nita "Soph" Neou

Nita Neou (also known as Soph in the community) has been working in the infrastructure dealing with Network and network Security for more than 15 years in the bank and oil and gas industry. He likes technics and design so to understand how things works. Architecture design is one of his passion and will always have drawing to represent his idea and thought. Prior to joining Harmony, he has been a fierce and active member of P-OPS helping with major milestone in the Harmony journey from staking, 8 to 2s finality, EVM compatibility, bridges, testnets, and more. He loves teaching the community and his co-worker in the hope of everyone to be equal and in harmony. Nita has been graduated from a French Engineering school with a major in System Network and Security. During his free time, he love spending time with his kids and teaching them about computer and programming.

Upcoming Plans

  • Quarterly Milestones: 2021 Q4
  • Yearly Planning: 2022 Q1 - Q3
    • hire one part-time DevOps
    • take over the testing framework of CI and release
    • Q1 support external leader rotation and slashing;
    • Q1-Q2 testing framework, CI/CD of go-sdk, pyhmy, bridge btc
    • Q2-Q3 testing framework, CI/CD of explorer dashboard
    • Q3 support resharding implementation, fast state sync in order to have harmony 100% decentralized
    • Q1-Q4 bridge support cosmos, polygon, solana, celo, layer-2

Past 3-Month Achievements (since July)

  • Network and Application Service delivery (devops) implementation/improvement/testing:
    • explorer dashboard (https://explorer.harmony.one)
    • Sushi integration, bridges (ETH, BTC) leading to a TvL $172M
    • contract verification / multisignature (gnosis)
    • Harmony network upgrade (v4.2.1 / v4.3.0) fixing the harmony block time from 3~4s back to 2s and helping with further decentralization (external validator nodes from 640 to 900 and external voting power from 32% to 51%)

Deliverables & 6-Week Focus

Weekly Update


  • RPC decentralization :
    • pocket network continued work for more uptake 25% and 50% (if no issue)
    • new potential partner initial discussion
  • Ops
    • dedicated sync node built so to avoid having overhead on the RPC node
    • RPC slowness and out of sync issue


  • RPC decentralization :
    • pocket network continued work for more uptake 25% and 50% (if no issue)
    • new potential partner initial discussion
  • Ops
    • multi-sig troubleshooting
    • S1/S2/S3 validator node disk upgrade to 500GB
    • 2 new panels added to https://monitor.harmony.one/d/joo9Q1m7z/s0-explorer-rpc-metrics?orgId=1 so we can now see the each RPC duration
    • sushi subgraph resource improvement and monitoring integrated with pagerduty
    • troubleshooting UnHealthyHostCount GreaterThanOrEqualToThreshold 1.0
    • RPC slowness and out of sync issue


  • RPC decentralization :
    • pocket network
    • new potential partner initial discussion
  • Finalize GCP bigquery bounty for indexing of harmony mainnet data
  • Operational work
    • multi-signature node troubleshooting and fixing
    • sushi node error 504
    • explorer-v2 api1 node down fix
    • Prune RPC node replacement from c5.4xlarge to c5.2xlarge
    • Experiment to replace i3en.12xlarge with c5.2xlarge with 2 EBS with raid 0
    • api.harmony.one REVERT CALL error troubleshooting