2021 Q4 और 2022 Q1 के लिए बजट आवंटन

user onboarding
video campaigns like "Who Build & Create Wealth", RabbitHole for education rewards, Robinhood's $500 referral
mobile clients
social games
social-location-mobile games like Forever.ONE, 1world, Timeless, burner wallets & BuffiDAOs
DeFi dashboards
UX and portfolio analytics like Zapper, Zerion
NFT galleries
metaverse, art galleries, casinos, conferences, fantasy sports. e.g. CryptoVoxels, Decentraland, Sorare's One Shot League
DAO townsquares
proof of membership for working groups. e.g. Orca Protocol's grant committee or Spartan Council's SC-NFT for a governance protocol, unlock on-chain permissions, budget approvals
digital identity
Crazy.ONE, Ethereum name and login services like ENS or Torus, Unstoppable Domain, Handshake
social reputations
"Instagram" or social networks for owners and creators. e.g. Showtime, combining Twitter & OpenSea
community channels
proof of attendance for POAP or Bankless's community calls, Infinite Players, Collab.Land, MintGate
open QR-code authenticator, login based on biometric & location, EIP3009/3074 for delegation & authorization
formal verification
mechnican checks with Coq or Runtime Verification's K; strong type system with noninterference guarantee
cryptography research
More grants, bounties and DAOs at harmony.one/300